We create a shared passion for year-round outdoor adventure in the Minneapolis area, focusing on underserved youth and families. The Minneapolis area leads the world in year-round outdoor activities. Ethnically and economically diverse individuals and families come together around a shared passion for the outdoors – a passion that is universal. The Loppet Foundation is at the center of this shared passion in Minneapolis.
Recent Events
Event Date Location
Wirth on Wednesdays - Race 4 7/24/2024 Minneapolis, MN
Wirth on Wednesdays - Race 3 7/17/2024 Minneapolis, MN
Wirth on Wednesdays - Race 2 6/26/2024 Minneapolis, MN
Wirth on Wednesdays - Race 1 6/12/2024 Minneapolis, MN
CityTrail Loppet 5/19/2024 Minneapolis, MN
City of Lakes Loppet Festival 3/2/2024 Minneapolis, MN
Trail Kids - Super Ski Race Session 1 1/23/2024 Minneapolis, MN
Pre-Loppet 1/14/2024 Minneapolis, MN
Loppet High School Invite 1/13/2024 Minneapolis, MN
Upcoming Events
Event Date Location Registration
Wirth on Wednesdays - Race 5 8/7/2024 Minneapolis, MN Register
Wirth on Wednesdays - Race 6 8/21/2024 Minneapolis, MN Register